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Ned Dougherty states that he has been receiving interior-locutions from Jesus, Mary, and St. Michael the Archangel since August 1, 2005. He usually receives interior information several days before the monthly messages instructing him as to the geographic location where he will be receiving the message(s). On the morning of the 1st of the month or occasionally on the 2nd day of the month, he awakens with an interior knowledge as to the time that he will receive the message(s). Upon presenting himself at the time and place designated, he prays and meditates while having his laptop computer ready to transcribe the interior locutions.

Ned Dougherty is a practicing Roman Catholic and usually attends daily Mass. His Spiritual Director is Reverend Paul Lehman who is also on the Board of Directors of the Mission of Angels Foundation.

There are many messengers, seers, and visionaries worldwide who claim to receive messages from spiritual entities or interior-locutions.

For submission purposes, the following is required: Initially, the messenger must be clearly identified by first and last name; maintain a website or have a recognized and visible presence on other website locations; and have an identified spiritual director. It is the responsibility of the reader/viewer of these messages to initiate thier own individual discernment process in choosing to receive these messages, taking into account that this website provides only minimal criteria for acceptance. Due to the fact that a reader/viewer's discernment process will necessarily include knowledge of the messenger, any "anonymous" messages or sources will not be accepted. Since these messages are current and timely, none of the following messengers have received formal approval from the Roman Catholic Church or any other entity unless otherwise noted.

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National and Global News Headlines will usually hyperlink to news resources that will take you away from our End Times Daily website. Be sure to return to us after reading the news! Typically, national & global news sources are owned by major media conglomerates with veiled agendas and spin controls that have subtly propagandized the reporting of news and events to fit the hidden agendas of these media conglomerates.

Therefore, it is suggested that readers exercise extreme discernment in accepting the news reported by these sources. From time to time, we will provide an analysis of news items as well as the hidden agendas of these news sources. For an overview of major media sources, read:
CFR Control of Major Media Resources

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Health & Wellness Headlines will usually hyperlink to news resources that will take you away from our End Times Daily website. Be sure to return to us after reading the news! We promote "Universal Wellness" - a health care belief system based on the Original Order of Creation. "Universal Wellness" incorporates Universal Laws created by God alone to provide for our health care needs.

"Universal Wellness" recognizes that all living cells are energized by the power of the Holy Spirit and that all illness, injury, sickness, and disease is a result of negative energies disordering God's creation. "Universal Wellness" primarily encompasses natural, homeopathic, and wholistic approaches to health care wellness and the prevention of injury and sickness. Allopathic or conventional medical systems are also consider.

Unfortunately, all health care systems have been corrupted by greed, politics, and secretive and self-serving interests. In this regard, our mission is to separate the good wheat from the chaff. Patrons are encouraged to use discernment in deciding their own course of health care in consultation with health care professionals. To access Health & Wellness News Archives,

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Spiritual News Headlines will usually hyperlink to news resources that will take you away from our End Times Daily website. Be sure to return to us after reading the news!

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The "Dome of Deception" Series is an ongoing collection of articles written by Ned Dougherty which represents his personal inspiration, intuition, and opinions on a controversial group of entities, commonly known under the umbrella term: New World Order (NWO).

According to Ned, he was first warned about the NWO during his first near-death experience on July 2, 1984. Ned describes the NWO as a direct attack on the sovereignty and citizenry of the United States of America and all other countries by global elitists, leaders, and power brokers, including many elected and appointed officials, who are attempting to deny you of your personal assets, wealth, and freedoms, including freedom of religion. Current and up-to-date articles in this series are available to our support patrons.

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Finally, viewers/readers have an opportunity here to hear Ned's comments, viewpoints, and writings on a frequent or even daily basis. End Times Daily Patrons will have an opportunity to express their own responses and viewpoints on Ned's Blogs.

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