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No. 5 - The U.S. Elections: Is There Ever A Choice?

The CFR identifies itself as a “non-partisan and non-governmental” organization, which is understandable since they own or control all the viable horses in the U. S. presidential race. Left unchecked in their quest for global domination, they will soon own the whole racetrack.

It should not be surprising that most presidential candidates in the 2008 election are CFR members; otherwise, the funding does not exist to wage even a primary campaign. The CFR through its members provides for the seed money, the staffers, and the policymakers for each of its primary candidates from both of the major parties. The Democrat CFR Member/Candidates in the 2008 U. S. primary election were Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, and Bill Richardson. The Republican CFRMember/Candidates were Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich, and last but-not-least John McCain. Mike Huckabee is a CFR wannabe who tried to hire CFR advisors to his short-lived campaign. The only top-tier candidate who is not a CFR clone is Congressman Ron Paul, an outspoken critic of the CFR, who the CFR-controlled major media sources attempt to portray as a nut case.

As the 2008 primary races heated up, the upper echelon of the CFR began to pull the plug on each of the horses, one by one, until the public was left with the CFR’s designated Republican and Democrat choices: Barack Obama and John McCain. Once the CFR’s previously decided choices were selected, they were provided with a CFR loaded committee that selected the candidates’ running mates for vice-president.

Candidates do not advertise their CFR membership to the public and it appears that they are actually given strict orders to deny their CFR affiliation. When Obama made his now infamous fundraiser pitch to a group of fellow “elitists” in San Francisco portraying Pennsylvanians as “clinging to their guns or religion,” fellow CFR member Hillary Clinton made the mistake of tagging Obama as an “elitist,” and she was immediately vilified by the CFR media for identifying Obama for what he really is – a “global elitist” who has sworn allegiance tothe CFR’s New World Order and one world government.

By publicly outing Obama as an “elitist,” Hillary stepped over the line, and the CFR shortly thereafter hammered the final nail in her campaign coffin. As anyone in-the-know in the Washington – New York – Boston corridor recognizes, the term “elitist” is codeword for “Global Elitist,” and therefore labels one as a CFR member and New World Order supporter.

For the rest of us “common people” who unwittingly perceive political diversity in the two-party system, we have been conditioned to instinctively deny that such amass deception could ever be hidden in plain view, even when the deception is as clear as daylight. Barack Obama can be seen on a YouTube video being confronted during a “town hall” meeting and pointedly asked if he was a CFR member. Obama did a little oral shuffle and attempted to make a joke of the inquiry but he never really provided an answer. (Both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are CFR members, and Rockefeller family interests have financed and supported both of the them in their education and careers.)

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