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About the "Dome of Deception" Feature Article Series

Author: Ned Dougherty

The "Dome of Deception" Series is an ongoing collection of articles written by Ned Dougherty which represents his personal inspiration, intuition, and opinions on a controversial group of entities, commonly known under the umbrella term: New World Order (NWO). According to Ned, he was first warned about the NWO during his first near-death experience on July 2, 1984.

Ned describes the NWO as a direct attack on the sovereignty and citizenry of the United States of America and all other countries by global elitists, leaders, and power brokers, including many elected and appointed officials, who are attempting to deny you of your personal assets, wealth, and freedoms, including freedom of religion. Current and up-to-date articles in this series are available to our support patrons. The first seven articles are available to all visitors of the site.  To access the complete and ongoing "Dome of Deception" Series, please become a Patron!