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Jan 1, 2019 - Jesus The Redeemer

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January 1, 2019 @ 1:30pm - NEW YEAR'S DAY

At "The Rock", Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York

Jesus The Redeemer


My son,

I come to you on this first day of the New Year to prepare humanity for the end times' events that are soon to happen within your world. Do not live in fear of the future of mankind, for I am with you for all of eternity. Those of you who know that I am the I AM know that you have nothing to fear for the Father in Heaven has imbued me with the Holy Spirit to rescue humanity from the sins of the world.

Those of you who follow Me and recognize that I am the one and only Redeemer commanded by the Father in Heaven to save all of God's children in this world, you know that the future is secure and that you have nothing to fear in this world or in the hereafter, for you are the children of God who are also the Powerful Prayer Warriors who will assist Me as your Redeemer in these end times.

You must recognize that you are in the end times now by the events that are taking place in your world in many different ways. The events of the end times have been prophesied to you by both the ancient and modern prophets who have listened to the soft whisperings from the Heavenly Realms and who have shared with your brothers and sisters the words of the Father in Heaven as expressed through the Holy Spirit through the intercession of myself as your Redeemer as well as through your Heavenly Mother, and as well through the many Angels and Saints who have been communicating with God's children here on Earth.

As a child of the Father in Heaven, each and every one of you came into this world imbued with the Eternal Love of the Father in Heaven with the ability through His Love to make a difference for humanity in a positive way, for such is your mission in life to make a difference in this world for the betterment of mankind.

Knowing this now, I ask you to contemplate the damage that has been caused to humanity by the needless slaughter of so many of God's children in their mother's womb throughout the centuries, but even more so in this day and age when so many of God's children who were intended to live in this world have had their own journey terminated by the hand of mankind in direct violation of the Father's command that all life is sacred and that every child formed in the womb has a very important mission and journey that should not be terminated by your hands.

As a result, there is so much darkness and despair in your world now caused by the accumulation of so much debt owed by humanity to the Father in Heaven through the sin of abortion.

Look around you now, each and every one of you, and tell me you are not aware that the anger and violence of mankind are not increasing throughout the world. As a people, you are being divided among yourselves by the dark forces of the evil one who is my eternal enemy. It is through the evil one that the killing of the young has become an accepted norm in your so-called modern society and this problem is endemic globally due to the action of those who are attempting to institute a new world order in contradiction of the plan of the Father in Heaven. Abortion is essential to their wicked plan.

As Powerful Prayer Warriors, you must stand against this international genocide of many of God's children and recognize that this global new world order is the work of the evil one, satan, who is hell-bent to destroy humanity through his design for a new world order. His minions here on earth are doing his bidding. Abortion is one of their greatest tools to destroy humankind, and to spit in the face of the Father in Heaven, and to smite His loving plan for mankind.

In these end times, there are so many prayerful calls to change humanity for the better, but none of these calls for prayer are as important as your being called to prayer to end the genocide of so many of God's children who are intended to become part of your world in these end times to thwart the evil one and his minions and to cast them into the bowels of the earth for all eternity to bring about the Great Transformation of humanity and to usher in a New Heaven and a New Earth.

So I ask you to do my bidding in your world to stem the tide of this genocide upon humanity, to pray powerfully, and to perform those good works that are necessary to turn the tide against the holocaust of abortion. For in these end times, the Father in Heaven needs all of God's children intended to be born into this world to assist in the destruction of the evil one and his plans against the Father in Heaven.

Rest assured only in the thought that in the end, the Father in Heaven and His heavenly plan for humanity will prevail, in part due to your powerful prayers and good works here on earth.

Let me leave you now with this final message - Recognize that the Eternal Love of the Father in Heaven is with you and through the power of God's Love you will prevail against the evil of the world.

Call upon God's Eternal Love now to fill your mind, body, spirit, and soul with the power of the Holy Spirit and prepare yourselves for these end times. If you do so, I will be with you and guide you through these end times. And knowing this, what is it that you have to fear? Nothing... for I am with you!

Message ended 2:19pm

Jesus The Redeemer


GREETINGS FOR A BLESSED NEW YEAR!... If you have not made a tax-exempt donation to Mission of Angels Foundation in the past 12 months, please do so before or after reading message.

Scroll down below for our offer of a complimentary Miraculous Medal, blessed at The Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, Paris France, where Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830!


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May you and your family enjoy a Peaceful New Year!


God bless!

Ned Dougherty

November 20, 2018


The Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Paris France



The Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Paris France has millions of believers from all around the globe. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal has earned its rightful place in the Vincentian Family thanks to the superlative devotion of Catholics flocking to the Rue du Bac Chapel, even after centuries since the Virgin Mary spoke to Catherine Labouré, a 24-year-old French religious sister, about the famous Miraculous Medals. It was in 1832 that the Medals were produced "for great graces." That same year, Paris was plagued with a cholera epidemic and the Medals were used for miracle-healing, which skyrocketed its popularity even to this day. Nicely situated in the heart of Paris, Chapelle de la Rue du Bac makes a wonderful daily visit for those who wish to reflect and ask for the Virgin Mary's protection.

My book "FAST LANE TO HEAVEN" was translated to French as "Voie Express pour le Paradis". On my several book tours in France from 2004-2007, I spent days visiting the renowned place of worship in one of the most spiritual areas in Paris and became friends with the Sisters at the Miraculous Medal Convent, many of whom read my book. I purchased 1,000 medals at the time and the Sisters arranged for these medals to be blessed while placed on the altar chair upon which Our Lady sat as she appeared to St Catherine Labouré in 1832. I recently discovered in a storage box that I still had approximately 500 of these blessed medals, one of which has now been gifted to you in thanksgiving for your continued support!


God bless!

Ned Dougherty

November 20, 2018






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God bless!

 Ned Dougherty



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