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Poison Over Pope - Sep 27, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Sunday, September 27, 2015


NWO-NBC implies that a miracle took place in the skies from New York to Philadelphia on Friday and Saturday (Sep 25-26, 2015) during the Pope's visit.

THE TRUTH: Natural Rainbows do not occur without moisture, and this phenomenum is NO MIRACLE! But the result of geoengineering - deliberate heavy chemtrail spraying over 80,000 spectators. I was present at Central Park yesterday at approximately 2:30pm, when I received a text from a reader in Queens NY that there was heavy chemtrail activity overhead. I looked up into the clear blue skies and saw the approaching chemtrail clouds from the direction of Queens to the east. I then watched 5-6 chemtrail streams appearing directly overhead, even in crisscrossing patterns, from high-altitude jets. 

Rainbows, more properly named "chemical rainbows" or "chem-bows" began to form, not from the non-existent moisture, but from the nano-particles of aluminum dust, barium, strontium, and other toxic chemicals that were being sprayed by high-altitude jets and almost immediately dropping down - to be inhaled by thousands of clueless spectators.

Many of them around me pointed their cell phones and cameras up to the sky and shouted "Look at the rainbows" and "It's a miracle!" How sad that thousands of people did not have a clue that what they were witnessing was not a miracle but a deliberate pollution of our skies by the same psychopaths, who are pushing 2030 AGENDA at the UN!

By the time the Pope arrived at Central Park at 5:00pm, Manhattan was completely covered by the shapeless chemtrail blanket. On Saturday morning, I was back home in eastern Long Island and the Hampton skies were blanketed by chemtrails. What I observed on both days in Manhattan and the Hamptons (and reportedly as far as Philadelphia PA) is the heaviest bombardment of chemtrails I have ever witnessed. Millions of people in the Northeast have been poisoned in just the last two days, but these chemtrail programs have been spraying, increasingly more heavily, since the 1990s.

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