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The NWO Game Plan: Endless War - Sep 24, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Thursday, September 24, 2015

The NWO Game Plan: Endless War

On 9-11, approximately 3,000 Americans were killed, so we invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan, for killing all those U.S. citizens. Is that right? No, that can't be right! Because the terrorists who committed the 9-11 atrocities were not from Iran or Afghanistan, but from the following countries: 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia; two were from the United Arab Emirates; one terrorist each from Egypt and Lebanon. But these four Arab countries are friends of the USA, we are told, especially the oil producers, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, so we certainly couldn't declare war against an ally. Hmmm, what to do! Bush and Cheney came up with that answer, so we invaded Iraq, conveniently seizing the oil fields first before bombing the hell out of Baghdad. You know, just to let the world know that we weren't just there to steal the oil fields, which we did first. And we invaded Afghanistan to go after the Taliban, who had successfully burned out the opium/heroin fields reducing Afghanistan's opium production to only 5% of the world market by 2009, when our U.S. troops moved in and were stationed to protect the poppy fields, quite by chance we are told, so now Afghanistan provides 95% of the world's opium/heroin demands for both big pharmaceutical companies and the illegal world trade in heroin. How that heroin that is so heavily guarded by the U.S. troops in Afghanistan makes its way to the streets of even the smallest towns in the USA is anybody's guess! Hmmm! I guess that makes sense. We have to take the good with the bad. Now we discover that our U.S. troops in Afghanistan have been overlooking the pedophile atrocities committed by Afghan military officers, even on U.S. military bases, and that our soldiers are being punished by the Pentagon, if they interfere with our pedophile allies. Well now the mainstream media will express its collective "shock and awe" for these atrocities, giving us another excuse to extend our stay in Afghanistan. Hmmm! Now I do remember why we invaded Iraq, because of 911 and Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. But does anyone remember why we invaded Afghanistan? Well, does it really matter? Thanks to the Illuminati, we have the Hegelian Dialectic information service (aka mainstream media) to make this all perfectly clear: Why the Illuminati is using the USA and our men and women in the armed forces to effect their policy of endless war to protect us from the other terrorists of the world! Otherwise, all signs of this global insanity indicate that we are indeed in the End Times, which calls for God to intervene in this collective insanity to save the world from its own destruction!