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We are broke! - Dec 8, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Wednesday, December 09, 2015

GREETINGS from NED DOUGHERTY! December 8, 2015

As of today, the Mission of Angels Bank Account has only $37.04

Why does the Mission of Angels Foundation need financial support? I am living on Social Security retirement benefits, and no longer have any other source of income. However, I have had to contribute substantially personally to Mission of Angels to keep the mission going.

In September 2001, I founded the Mission of Angels Foundation Inc. (an IRS recognized 501c.3 Public Charity) which launched End Times Daily on May 1, 2011. Even though traffic to our site has been increasing by leaps and bounds, donations have actually dwindled, which apparently is an economic sign of the times. We have never been so broke!

I must count on our Patrons and Subscribers to assist us throughout each year. In the past since 2001, the Mission of Angels Foundation has relied almost exclusively on the annual Holiday Season campaign to ask for your IRS tax-deductible donations to sustain us through year’s end.

Once again this Holiday Season, the Mission of Angels Foundation is counting on your tax-deductible donations to support our mission and keep End Times Daily alive and online!


● Become a Patron with an annual donation of $36.00
● As a free Subscriber, make an annual donation of $20.00 or more.
● Support the Mission of Angels Online Store 
● By mail, send your tax-deductible donations to: Mission of Angels Foundation, P.O. Box 58, Southampton, NY 11969-0058

During the 2015 Christmas Season, I hope that you will consider autographed copies of my book FAST LANE TO HEAVEN as a great gift choice. Please visit The Angels Online Store to purchase the book, the audio CDs or video DVDs, and the gift items.

Whatever you can offer, your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.

May you and your family enjoy a Blessed Christmas & Peaceful New Year!

Ned Dougherty

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